The Company

GOSTOL – GOPAN d.o.o. Nova Gorica is a global provider of integrated industrial solutions for middle-sized and large industrial bakeries, including equipment for dough mixing, dividing, moulding, proofing, baking and cooling. Complete adaptability to the buyer’s needs, more than 70 years of experience in the field of baking industry, technically and technologically sophisticated, energy-efficient equipment, inovativeness and reliability are our main qualities.

Part of the TP Food Group.

Optimal solutions for differrent types of bakeries are conceived by our high-qualified and professional staff working as a well coordinated team of GOSTOL group. Our own research and development department is a driving force of the company, which follows demands of the market and machineries’ users and prepares suitable integrated custom-made and turn-key solutions for bakeries in cooperation with other departments of the company.

GOSTOL industrial lines for medium and large-sized bakeries are distinguished by:

  • high automatization level
  • flexibility
  • energy savings
  • innovations
  • reliability
  • line synchronization
  • consultancy and support in the technological process of manufacturing bread or baking products

The Vision

A strategic partner, which dictates development trends in the field of overall solutions for industrial bakeries. 

We would like to become the best choice for our buyers. We will not be present in every bakery in the world, however, our solutions will certainly be a wish of every baker in the world.

Quality Policy

We have set a vision that we want to create and realize. The way to reach what we have set in our vision is hard, requiring a lot of hard work and learning– only in such way we can provide the quality of business in all the fields of our operation.

Quality means the right knowledge at the right place, the right worker on the right task. Knowing this, we will devote all the needed care and attention particularly to the following tasks:

  • we will keep acquiring new knowledge in all the fields of our operation, which certainly means obtaining new and young specialists of all the fields of our business operation to become our staff members, particularly in the fields like development, technology, marketing and project management; 

  • we will provide correct utilisation of all the existing knowledge and experience, mainly with such organization, where the most experienced staff will become mentors to the young experts and thus we will reach a synergy of experience and wisdom with the newly acquired fundamental knowledge; 

  • we will constantly and additionally train our key experts and maintain the level of responsibility of all the employees; 

  • we will provide the necessary funds for development of new, state-of-the-art tools, especially where this can significantly increase the quality level;

  • we will actively monitor the development of new technologies and we will make sure to always remain in the upper third of the world’s suppliers of equipment that we develop and market;

  • we will accept the fact that the real measure of our quality is the buyers’ satisfaction, their attachment to our company and repeatability of their orders.