Arm Kneader

Arm Kneader

They give energy to the dough through the back-and-forth movement of 2 articulated arms, which simulate the manual work of an artisan baker. They are characterised by low aggressiveness on the dough and high dough oxygenation. They can be used to ensure high-quality airy bread. The trough is moved by a rotation motor. This is reversible for easier emptying.

LOW DOUGH TEMPERATURE- Delicate treatment on the dough generates low dough temperature increases, maintaining the physical and chemical characteristics of the flour.

ROBUSTNESS- Tireless equipment. Continuous problem-free use.

SAFETY- Fitted with safety elements for a completely safe high-production machine.

EASE-OF-USE- Ease-of-use with straightforward control panel.

VERSATILITY AND ACCESSORIES- The option of including elevators-tippers on the divider or on the table allows the use of kneaders in large-production bakeries.

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