Complete Bread Line

Complete Bread Line

Damak Complete Bread Line – 88 | 152 | 176 | 240 328 | 416 | 640 Pocket


Volumetric Divider M 1000 | PLC 1000

Dough is divided accurately with this machine through a newly designed dividing drum and piston system with minimal dough punishment, thus processing the most sensitive dough as if divided by hand. Please choose which piston size when ordering, the unit can only be built with one of the three piston options. It divides a minimum of 20 and maximum of 40 pieces of dough per minute, and consumes 90% less oil than other machines of this type. Weight adjustment on the automatic dough divider is done by a mechanical adjustment or a touch screen PLC panel (option). Standard Dough Hopper Capacity is 70kg.

• Volumetric dividing system without pressing the dough.
• The divider can process the most sensitive dough type like if it was divided by hand.
• Dough hopper and outer lids are made of stainless steel.
• Weight can be set up as manually or automatically.
• Dividing capacity is 20 – 40 pieces of dough per minute.
• Automatic lubrication system. Oil level indicator and level warning alarm.
• PLC Control option.

Conical Rounder – DM CR 1000 | 2000 | 3000

This machine is designed with a rotating cone and adjustable spiral shaped tracks. The dough forms into a ball while moving from bottom to top along the track. The rounder is also equipped with a newly designed mechanical flour duster which produces minimal noise. The standard rounding track is 15 feet with a weight range from 50- 1100 gr.

• Fixed or adjustable spiral channels.
• Stainless steel outer lids.
• Flouring system.
• Compatible working with the dough processing lines.
• Different models in 50- 1100 gr. weight range.
• Noiseless.
• Has a cold/hot air blowing unit to protect the quality of dough according to conditions of working place.
• Electronic speed control system.
• Teflon coated body and channels options.

Intermediate Proofer 88 | 152 | 176 | 240 328 | 416 | 640

This traveling tray proofer is designed to give dough pieces a rest, or intermediate proof,
between dividing and final moulding, in an automated fashion. It can be operated in manual or automatic mode, according to the dough quantity being fed by the divider. It
uses automatic sensors to synchronize with your divider and keep track of the pieces. Digital display, UV lights and a temperature gauge are all available as options. The intermediate proofer can be ordered with right or left side exit. All models use easily removable and sanitary plastic pockets.

• Guarantee a resting for the dough that comes from dough divider or conical rounder.
• Removable plastic pockets for cleaning which exceed health standards.
• Dough counting system.
• It can combine with volumetric divider, conical rounder and long moulder by sockets on the electric control panel.
• 88-152-176-240-328- 416-640 pockets capacity models.

Long Moulder – 1000

This Machine is suitable for moulding dough shapes from loafs of bread
and small baguettes. The machine has 4 rollers and an adjustable pressure board
which can easily be removed for cleaning.
Maximum moulding length is 17 Inches, and approximate maximum dough
processing throughput is 2400 pieces per hour. Machine can be made for left or
right operation, and also can be fitted with double pressure boards.

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