Controlled fermentation chamber. FC Range

Controlled fermentation chamber. FC Range

SALVA’s FC range of controlled fermentation chambers are cabinets fitted with a cold unit, electric heating elements and a humidity producer, which can be used for direct fermentation, controlled fermentation and delayed fermentation. They have an air-conditioned space made up of one or more cubicles to introduce storage or baking racks, allowing precise programming of the fermentation of bread and cake doughs.

PRECISE PARAMETER CONTROL- A gentle air flow inside the cabinet generates a type of high-quality, humid cold.

VERSATILITY- A single unit can carry out three types of fermentation: direct, controlled and delayed.<\/p>\r\n\r\n

WIDE RANGE- Technology with a single design. There is a complete range of cabinets which covers all rack options.

EASY MAINTENANCE- Designed for easier maintenance.

LOW CONSUMPTION- Low energy consumption which directly affects the baker’s profitability.

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