Dough Mixers

Dough Mixers

SALVA’s mixers are designed to make cake mixtures. They have a planetary axis system for perfectly uniform mixtures of any type of cake mix. They allow various functions such as beating, mixing or kneading any type of light dough. There are two types of dough mixer: Planetary mixer B-20 and Planetary mixer BM-5-E.

HYGIENE- The high degree of hygiene comes from the use of stainless steel in a large number of components.

SAFETY- Fitted with safety elements for a completely safe high-production machine.

EASE-OF-USE AND MAINTENANCE- Straightforward operation mechanism and low maintenance.

EFFICIENCY- A system of high-efficiency reducers is included to ensure low energy consumption.

VERSATILITY- The machine has serial accessories to make any type of cake mix and even delicate kneading.


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