Fork Kneader (slanting)

Fork Kneader (slanting)

SALVA’s fork kneader is the recurring choice of professional bakers who understand the importance of kneading in the overall baking process, where the goal is to ensure the highest product quality. This kneading system is based on the rotary movement and pressure exerted on the dough by a slanting fork. It is fitted with a manual brake that acts on the trough’s rotation speed, which rotates freely due to the friction between it and the dough.

ROBUSTNESS- Tireless equipment for continuous use.

SAFETY- Fitted with safety elements for a completely safe high-production machine.

EASE-OF-USE- Ease-of-use with straightforward control panel.

VERSATILITY- The delicate treatment of the dough ensures greater flexibility in terms of the type of doughs that can be made with it.

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