Rack deep-freezers - Ultra Arctic

Rack deep-freezers - Ultra Arctic

SALVA’s Ultra Arctic rack deep-freezer is used to quickly lower the temperature of hot foods so they do not lose their organoleptic properties. The main aim of these chillers is to reduce the temperature of the food to between 65°C and 10°C, in order to minimise the proliferation of bacteria. The chillers allow two types of operation: Chilling: Go from +90°C to +3°C (in a maximum of 90 min.), and Deep-freezing: Go from +90°C to \u201318°C (in a maximum of 240 min.)

ENERGY SAVING- 80 mm high-density polyurethane insulation. Automatic switch to the conservation stage when the deep-freeze temperature is reached.

MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY- Thanks to its rounded design, the internal chamber quickly reaches the temperatures required at all points.

MAXIMUM HYGIENE- Full compliance with Directive CEE 93\/43(HACCP).

MAXIMUM PRECISION- The multi-point temperature sensor can accurately detect food temperature in the different chiller or deep-freeze stages.

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