Water cooler

Water cooler

SALVA’s water cooler is designed to reduce water temperature and keep it constant for dough production. With an exterior stainless steel finish, it is fitted with an insulated tank, a compressor, a coil and an agitator. This lowers the temperature quickly and efficiently, thus ensuring total control of the dough preparation process.

UNIFORM TEMPERATURE- An agitator ensures water temperature is constant throughout the tank.

FAST COOLING- Two cooler models with respective cooling capacity of 70 and 90 litres/hour, with water input at 18ºC and output at 3ºC.

ENERGY SAVING- Tank insulation made of high-density polyurethane foam, minimising energy losses.

GREEN DESIGN- Use of R-134a refrigerant for better performance of refrigeration equipment compared to other gases, along with lower energy consumption.

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