The Company

At SALVA we design and manufacture professional solutions for bakers and cake makers who are looking for the highest quality equipment. Founded in 1943, we operate in 87 countries and have a network of professionals to ensure responsiveness and quality for our customers around the world.

Quality, reliability and robustness

Why SALVA? When you work with a SALVA oven, you count on a trusted ally that becomes part of your life. For us, efficiency is much more than a brand identity.

The company’s continuously expanding production processes and increasingly competitive products are the result of research conducted on the global market. Its innovative ideas are based on experience and an ability to adapt to the needs of modern customers.


Continued Reliability

No ovens last longer than SALVA's. 80% of ovens sold in the last 20 years are still in operation. SALVA puts its ovens through stringent testing, taking them to the limit to meet the most demanding conditions on the market.

Guaranteed Quality

SALVA's excellence is based on the use of high quality materials in the manufacture of its products, in order to respond to market demands.

Innovative Design

Our designs go beyond aesthetics, providing a perfect balance between safety, durability, productivity, ease of use and simplicity.

Professional Service

Our main concern is customer satisfaction, which is why we count on leading technicians to ensure the proper operation of all our products.

Passion for People

Customers are our priority. Our close relationship with customers allows us to offer the solution best suited to their needs.

Commitment to the Environment

Energy efficiency is a basic aspect of environmental quality. At SALVA we apply technological innovations in the energy field, as part of our commitment to improve the energy efficiency of our products.