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Maven Ltd delivers total bakery industry engineering solutions built to UK Standards. We have advanced capabilities in electrical, mechanical and automation engineering services spanning design, construction,  maintenance and plant installation and relocation.

We excel at providing agile and effective solutions for distinct issues and diverse industries. And with decades of experience, our procedures are proven and robust. So whether we’re facilitating major corporations or small to medium sized businesses, we use the same six-step process to guarantee premier solutions.


With wide-ranging expertise, we excel at comprehensive engineering scope. We discuss your requirements, visit your site and provide a full evaluation. We conduct comprehensive electromechanical assessment and/or automation evaluation to determine the issues and design the ideal solution for your timeline, business and budget.


From concept we devise a detailed solution design that considers client needs and optimum outcome. As part of our planning, we conduct a full risk assessment and manage scheduling to ensure a safe and compliant project. And we incorporate clear and comprehensive milestone staging for precise end to end project monitoring.


Maven Ltd is a leader in design and drafting for clients in the engineering and industrial sectors. Our comprehensive design and drafting incorporates end to end instruction including erection procedures, construction methods and full safety and compliance guidelines.


We manage every stage of delivery from site induction and safety, through completion and full compliance. We nominate an engineer or technician for each project who will be supplemented by a virtual team. And we guarantee quality and on-time completion with clear in-house communication channels and project hierarchies.


To guarantee consistent quality, we assess every element before, during and after installation. After planning design and development, we conduct extensive screening and assessment of what is proposed. And we move forward only when we are confident that the engineering solution is robust and ideal for our clients objectives, industry and environment.


To guarantee the quality and efficiency of our electrical, mechanical and automation engineering we evaluate project effectiveness at regular stages throughout planning and installation then test, adapt and redesign if necessary. With agile planning and processes, we ensure that every engineering solution performs to client and commercial objectives.

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